The Star Categories

Stars are awarded in categories and each star in the category has a bronze symbol below the name of the honoree to denote the category. The main categories are Live Theater (denoted by the twin comedy/tragedy masks), Motion Pictures (denoted by a camera), Radio (denoted by a microphone), Recording (denoted by a record), and Television (denoted by a TV set).

Only one honoree, Gene Autry, has received a star in each of the five categories. Two honorees have received stars in four categories: Bob Hope and Tony Martin. 34 honorees have received stars in three categories while 163 honorees have received stars in two.

In recent years, stars have been awarded that have fallen outside of the traditional five categories. These other stars have symbols that are specific to the nature of the star, for instance, the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team have a star which has the LA Dodgers baseball logo where the star category should be.

Of the stars that have been awarded, 46% have been in the Motion Picture category, 24% in the Television category, 17% in the Recording category, 10% in the Radio category, 2% in the Live Theater category, and only 1% outside of the five categories. This distribution reflects that Hollywood is one of the movie and TV capitals of the world.

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