In July 2008, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce announced that the Walk of Fame would undergo a $4.2-million face-lift. Seven hundred seventy-eight (778) of the stars were replaced over time because of the wear and tear that they have suffered since they were first laid down. Some of the stars have become so damaged that they are tripping hazards to tourists who traverse the walk. At the same time, the Hollywood Chamber announced the Friends of Walk of Fame program. With this program, corporations can receive advertising on the sidewalks as a means of helping to fund the Walk of Fame. _Absolut Vodka_ was the first Friend and it has been given an award on the private property in front of the Kodak Theatre, as the first major contributor to the restoration process. When major construction projects occur such as Madame Tussaud's or the W Hotel, the stars in the construction site are either covered or carefully, lifted and stored for safety. The final stage of construction is to replace, uncover, and clean the stars. From time to time, you might see _Mr. Starshine_ on the walk. He volunteers his days polishing the stars on the walk of fame. He is not associated with the walk of fame, he's simply a fan.