The Selection of a New Star

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce's "Walk of Fame Committee" is responsible for selecting a new group of entertainers each year to receive stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Nominations are submitted annually by May 31, and the Walk of Fame committee meets to pick the next year's group of honorees. Each June, the new recipients are announced for the following year. Each year, approximately 25 new persons are selected for a star on the Walk of Fame.

After being selected for a star and before the new star is placed on the Walk of Fame, the new recipient must agree to attend a presentation ceremony and a fee of $25,000 must be paid to the Hollywood Historic Trust to cover the costs of the star and the star ceremony. However, it is a common practice that the fee is paid by a sponsor such as film studio or record company, as part of the publicity associated with a new film or record release with which the honoree is involved. On other occasions, the fee has been paid fan clubs. But alas, the person whose name appears on the star often pays the fee. The presentation ceremony or unveiling must occur within five years of selection.

All of the star ceremonies or unveilings are open to the public and until his death in 2008, they were all led by honorary Hollywood mayor, Johnny Grant. Today, the ceremonies are hosted by Leron Gruber, the Chairman of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.