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Edward Sedgwick

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Edward Sedgwick (Right) with Buster Keaton

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Edward Sedgwick (November 7, 1892 – March 7, 1953) was a film director, writer, actor and producer. Born into a family of actors, young Edward Sedgwick joined his show business family as one of the Five Sedgwicks, a vaudeville act. Sedgwick broke into films as a comedian in 1915, frequently cast as a zany baseball player. He then became a serial director six years later in 1921, and moved on to the Tom Mix western unit. Sedgwick's love of baseball came in handy for the ballpark sequences of Mix's Stepping Out, Buck Jones’ Hit and Run, William Haines’ Slide, Kelly, Slide, Buster Keaton’s The Cameraman, and Robert Young’s Death on the Diamond.

Fact file

  • Born: November 7, 1889 Galveston, Texas, U.S.A.
  • Died: March 7, 1953 (aged 63) North Hollywood, California, U.S.A.
  • Cause of death: Heart attack
  • Resting place: Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City
  • Nationality: American
  • Other names: Edgar Sedgwick Ed Sedgwick Ed Segwick
  • Alma mater: St. Mary's University of Galveston
  • Occupation: Film director, screenwriter, actor and film producer
  • Years active: 1915-1953
  • Spouse(s): Ebba Havez

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