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Houdini in 1899

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Harry Houdini (born Erik Weisz, later Ehrich Weiss or Harry Weiss; March 24, 1874 – October 31, 1926) was a Hungarian-American illusionist and stunt performer, noted for his sensational escape acts. He first attracted notice in vaudeville in the US and then as "Harry Handcuff Houdini" on a tour of Europe, where he challenged police forces to keep him locked up. Soon he extended his repertoire to include chains, ropes slung from skyscrapers, straitjackets under water, and having to escape from and hold his breath inside a sealed milk can.

Fact file

  • Born: Erik Weisz March 24, 1874 Budapest, Austria-Hungary
  • Died: October 31, 1926 (aged 52) Detroit, Michigan, United States
  • Occupation: Illusionist, magician, escapologist, stunt performer, actor, historian, film producer, pilot, debunker
  • Years active: 1891–1926
  • Religion: Judaism
  • Spouse(s): Wilhelmina Beatrice "Bess" Rahner (m. 1894–1926; his death)

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