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Everett Mitchell

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Everett Mitchell

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Everett Mitchell (March 15, 1898 in Oak Park, Illinois - d. November 12, 1990 Wheaton, Illinois) was an American gospel singer and radio innovator. His first radio job was at WENR in Chicago where he started singing classical music, gospel and jazz. One of his classic hits was "Letters to Santa Claus." He was a guest on the late-night talk show, Bedtime Stories for Chorus Girls. He also made history by writing and delivering an early radio commercial, selling Christmas trees by the thousands.

When Mitchell departed WENR for NBC, he joined The National Farm and Home Hour, a program dedicated to presenting livestock reports and light entertainment. As host, he had two main tasks: Be friendly with the audience and be accurate with the reports. Soon, the Great Depression devastated the country, hurling thousands of Americans into financial ruin. On May 14, 1932, he wondered how he might relieve their distress. That morning, Mitchell, not discussing his intent with the station management, stepped to the microphone to introduce the show, stating confidently: “It’s a beautiful day in Chicago! It’s a great day to be alive, and I hope it’s even more beautiful wherever you are.” Although the impromptu greeting upset the management, it created a sensation among an audience desperately hungry for a good cheer. The phrase became his signature for the remainder of his career.

Fact file

  • Born: March 15, 1898 in Oak Park, Illinois
  • Died: November 12, 1990 Wheaton, Illinois (Aged 92)
  • Occupation: Singer and Radio Announcer

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