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Poster for Phil Baker's popular quiz show Take It or Leave It (1940s).

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Phil Baker is best known as a popular American comedian and emcee on radio. Baker was also a vaudeville actor, composer, songwriter, accordionist and author. Baker began in vaudeville playing the piano for violinist Ed Janis, and when Baker was 19 he teamed with Ben Bernie for the vaudeville act, "Bernie and Baker." Shortly after World War I, Baker broke into his solo act which included him singing, playing the accordion, telling jokes and being heckled by a planted audience member named "Jojo."

In 1923, Baker appeared in an early DeForest Phonofilm short A Musical Monologue in which he played the accordion and sang. Bernie also appeared in a DeForest Phonofilm Ben Bernie and All the Lads featuring Bernie's band and pianist Oscar Levant. On radio, Baker starred in his own series The Armour Jester on NBC, and during the 1940s he was the host of the popular quiz show Take It or Leave It.

Fact file

  • Born: August 26, 1896 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Died: November 30, 1963 Copenhagen

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