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Philps Lord

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Phillips Haynes Lord (July 13, 1902 - October 19, 1975) was an American radio program writer, creator, producer and narrator as well as a motion picture actor, best known for the Gang Busters radio program that aired from 1935 to 1957.

With Gang Busters,k Phillips Lord set about writing and creating a new radio program for radio. He used a dark and ominous narrator's voice for his Gang Busters program, billed as "The Crime Fighters of American Broadcasting." A law enforcement reality series using authentic case histories, during the 1930s the program was hosted by Col. H. Norman Schwarzkopf and featured various actors such as Art Carney. The program opened with the portentous sounds of machine gun fire, police whistles screaming, and tires screeching, causing the phrase "coming on like gangbusters" to be coined. Copied years later by the television show America's Most Wanted, each episode of Gang Busters had up-to-the-minute reports of criminals wanted by the FBI or other law enforcement officials, many of whom were later arrested due to tips from listeners. To accomplish this, Phillips Lord hired actor/writer/civil servant Helen Sioussat (1902-1995) who later became the head of the Talks and Public Affairs Department at CBS. Such was the influence of Phillips Lord that Ms. Sioussat was given a Washington D.C. office next to J. Edgar Hoover at the Justice Department where she was allowed access to official information from files upon which the radio series was based.

The Gang Busters radio show was an enormous long-running success with 1,008 radio broadcasts over twenty-one years from July 20, 1935 through November 20, 1957. It spawned a long-running DC Comics comic book of the same name, and was the basis for a motion picture with the same title, as well as a half-hour weekly television series in 1952, both of which were narrated by Phillips Lord.

Fact file

  • Born: July 13, 1902
  • Died: October 19, 1975 (Aged 73)

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